Friday, September 1, 2023

Montreal Cup and TorontoRoll

This month's video

This month's events:

Montreal Cup:

Toronto Roll:

Caught by the blader:

  • You will be featured on our social media if you are inline skating out there and are caught by the blader's dash cam. Follow us to see if you were caught, and help @tag those who are/were.
Youtube media:
As night falls earlier, we will start blinking at night:
  • Reflective vests for city skating are a good idea
  • Luminous wheels are a very excellent idea 
  • Flashing bracelets and helmets are very useful
  • Be visible at night!
Where are the details of an event?

Want to skate with us? Register here

And remember to check this Q and A every time you have a question. It will save you time. 

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