Saturday, July 1, 2023

New trails, exciting adventures and the wizards annual roll is up this month

 This month's video

To reduce the amount of emails sent, the registration form has been updated on section 3 and you can select which type of events you want to be notified of. You are encouraged to update your profile.

Strava stats: 
How accurate are they? Comparison and proof

Wizards annual roll: The Swivel council 
  • Last year's reel
  • The wizard roll aka swivel council is predicted to happen Sunday, July 30 in the afternoon, around the middle of Toronto
  • This event is ONLY for skaters with wizard type frames. Flat frames and attached brakes are not allowed. 
  • If you acquired a wizard skating frame (ie: endless, blade, iqon, wizard, NN, Rockin, etc since your registration, please update your profile to get the invitation.
  • If you no longer have a wizard type frame, please disregard this email and future wizard events and update your profile
Next annual event in August:
Groups to be notified for longer trails

Starting this month we will be adding new and longer trails and new locations around The GTA which are not along the lake landscape. Toronto's construction has locked many Toronto trails.

Those who have been skating with the group since the season opened, will be a priority for invitations due to the landscape to be skated.

We will also branch out to Etobicoke, Mississauga, Hamilton, Burlington, Pickering, Uxbridge, Alton, and Waterloo are on the list to be skated.
New gang: 
Top gun: Skaters that are into speed and long distance. 
Recruitment is done from solid Titans that have specific equipment and skill
(Avg speed 25~30~35 km/h & up to 100 km distance) ie: thisand this
Groups to be notified for other types of events:
  • Cone masters (slalom)
  • Swivel council (wizards)
  • Recreational and social (others)
Going to an event?
  • Did you know that you can calculate when you need to arrive at an event by using Google map event location and never get late?
  • Whether you drive, cycle, skate, take public transit or walk, now it is much easier to know when you have to leave to be at the meetup location.
  • When checking for the route, if you are going to skate to the location, plan the route by selecting the bicycle option and you will get the best route 
What type of event do you prefer?
The registration form was updated and you can select the type of events you are  interested in

Planning to skate the Welland Canal?

An opinion on wheels:

How wizard skating changed rollerblading

Want to skate with us? Register here

And do not forget to check this Q and A every time you have a question. It will save you time.

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