Saturday, April 1, 2023

Advertisement, contacts, early wizards? Whats going on?

This month's video

The annual event for wizards:
  • This year we are looking to change the date of the wizard skating from September to somewhere between May and July. 
  • This event requires wizard type frames. No flat frames and or frames with brakes attached are permitted.
  • Only skaters with rockered equipment will be participating.
  • Slalom banana rockered frames are being considered for the event.
  • This event will have a minimum attendance required.
  • If you made changes in your skating hardware (ie: got wizard type frames, slalom frames or got rid of them), please update your registration profile.

Dogs off-leash and illegal leashes: 
  • During 2020 and 2022 a few skaters got attacked while skating. Some fell, and some caught it on camera. 
  • This issue has now been happening at skateparks and ice/hockey rinks too, where dogs are left rooming around the area unattended.
  • Unleashed dogs as big as Great Danes have made moves toward skaters (caught on video)
  • The cause is always the same one. Dogs get excited and or triggered when they see wheels and launch themselves at the person passing by.
  • The law is clear:  City bylawsChapter 349 
  • Getting injured, and losing the ability to be able to work and personal life affected is serious.
  • Obtain information (record them and post online) about the owners and sue them for damages. Most will settle before the case goes to court. Make sure that the settlement covers all your expenses including punitive damages.
Posters, advertisements, to an event
We appreciate and support member's efforts to let new skaters know about our events, however, we do advise members to not specify the location of an event due to several reasons:
  • Conditions of the location may change at the last minute (permissions, closure, construction, etc)
  • Weather conditions may cancel the event or change its location
  • Organizer and or marshal cannot make it.
  • Public advertisement of a specific location will attract, not just unprepared curious inline skaters but also scooters, cyclists, quad skaters and skateboarders which will increase unneeded traffic around our activity.
We advise all publishing advertisements to point out to our website and or registration form.
Please see these QR scan codes. Share or print.

Events Published on which do not point to the registration form or our website, are not official, approved and or endorsed.

Want to skate with us? Register here

And do not forget to check this Q and A every time you have a question. It will save you time.

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