Sunday, September 17, 2023

Toronto Roll 16.09.2023 (Bill Stoppard)

To all skaters who participated in the #TorontoRoll, your presence made it even better.

We had around 30 of our skaters in this event, and they rolled it awesomely. You made it possible, and you were part of a historical event!

Videos from the event are already being shared online. @canadabladers will relay them if you tag us with your media.
If you are a part of, please share it using the following hashtags.

#torontobladers #canadabladers @canadabladers
Also, please use the #TorontoRoll hashtag, which the event organizers have been using. This will facilitate us to collect and link everyone to be able to see the media.
For everyone else #TorontoRoll and @canadabladers is adequate.

We will post media from the event on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. All @canadabladers
Follow, subscribe and like to make it popular and known.

Next Toronto events in chronological order:

TorontoBladers Tuesday night social roll on the 26 at 7 p.m. Gus Ryder Pool meetup at 7 pm

TISC is having a speed skate event on the last weekend of September. This is not a event, and anyone interested should visit their official pages for more information.

Toronto Bladers are back in the city, and urban skate begins as the trails fade. Luminous stuff is appreciated to be visible at night due to traffic.

TorontoBladers annual luminous roll will be moved to the first weekend of October to let TISC roll well.  This event requires luminous wheels by default.

Please update your profile (re-register), notify Speedy if you have the contact or email if you are obtaining luminous to participate in the annual luminous or go here.

Non-luminous wheels should not be present. In addition to luminous wheels, anything that glows can be used.

Right now, we are aiming for the first week of October. The luminous route will use trails and city cycle lanes.
Meetup and route information will be sent to inline skaters with luminous wheels and those who were approached.
This is a social skate event, not a speed event or marathon.

Halloween: Halloween event is scheduled to happen at the end of October.
A costume, mask, etc., to match the theme.... something.
Luminous stuff is optional but useful and cool. This event will be city skating and social, not a speed or marathon.

Cold season:
We will be going indoors. Freestyle and free theme. Social vibe. 
Slalom and wizard setups will have the advantage. Unrust your dance moves.
We expect to be going to several cities too.
Registered skaters will be notified. Advised equipment will be on the invites.

Registration form:
The registration form will be upgraded to match new inline skaters' locations. We have expanded across Ontario and more.

We are now looking into Markham and Richmond Hill, as some known good skaters in these locations are looking for an inline network and do things like slalom and group skates. We know who you are, and we will reach out.

Some will be skating at these locations, and Kitchener has caught our attention, too.
All registered inline skaters will be notified of this change. It is expected to be active in January, but we are trying to implement it quickly before the next year.

Want to skate with us? Register here

And remember to check this Q and A every time you have a question. It will save you time. 

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