Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Bladers day, Stats, Hamilton Bladers and next events

This Month's video

 Monthly news email:

  • To reduce emails, the monthly news is now phased out in favour of this blog.
  • The blog can be subscribed to as per user preferences, either by email or rss/atom feed.
We are in the middle of our season, and the most crucial event is here.

Annual event:
  • This Month is the Blader's Day
  • Bladers Day is a social, recreational and freestyle event but not a beginner's event.
  • Details will be sent by email to skaters who have demonstrated skill and equipment in our events in the past months and can keep up with the group.
  • When you are part of the event and see a camera recording, pull your best skating moves, skills, smiles, and swag and make everyone jealous for not being there.
Where are the events published?
  • All events that skaters are invited to are sent to their registration email and Google calendar
We made some name changes:
  • As of this Month, we will be known as Canada Bladers. 
  • We will maintain the Toronto Bladers name for events in Toronto.
  • We will keep the Hamilton Bladers for events around Hamilton.
  • We are branching out, and more news to come about this.
We added a new location:
  • Welcome to the Hamilton Bladers.
  • Organizer: Fred
  • If you are in Hamilton or the surrounding area, update your profile and let your fellow Bladers know.
  • Events will occur mainly in Hamilton, which includes 2 specific locations
  • Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the selected days
  • At the moment (and for a while), this is an experiment; initially, not all skaters will be participating.
Showing up without RSVP:
  • Skaters that plan to show up without RSVP will most likely be in the wrong place or attending a cancelled or modified event.
  • Events with low or below expected attendance are changed, and only skaters that RSVP are notified.
Track your skating: 
  • How fast were you going? How many calories are burnt? Distance? Heart rate? Pace?
  • How about a map of your route? Export and share with your friends outside social media?
  • All for free and not dependent on any platform, check out FitoTrack

Montreal 24 inline marathon:

Trolling the registration form:
The trolls arrived a few months ago and not respecting the registration form
  • Selecting all the options possible
  • Writing more than what is asked on the social media options
  • Coming up with weird Klingon names and or language
  • Changing the year of birth on every profile
  • Changing yourself on every profile created every month
Want to skate with us? Register here

And remember to check this Q and A every time you have a question. It will save you time.

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