Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Season Skaters!

 This month video

5 years of Toronto Bladers
  • It has been 5 years since we started. In 2024 videos remembering these years will be made public

Registration form:

  • The form has been reset and updated for 2024. If you are still skating and want to join. You are encouraged to redo it. You can now select which type of events you want to be notified of.
  • If you did not skate with us last year, your profile went inactive and you have to redo it.
  • The registration has also been updated to reflect the growth and need to maintain the group 
  • Every year the form resets on January 1st.
2024 season:
  • Invites are sent to your registration email and Google calendar. Make sure both are active.
  • Organizational details about the event are available here
  • Annual events planned
  • General inline skating calendar
Winter months:
  • Although it is winter we inline skate indoors and sometimes outdoors
  • The outdoor season is expected to open in mid-March 2024
The Toronto Roll 2023 video playlist is here

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Wednesday, November 1, 2023

2023 videos, social media, end of season

This month's video

Urban Skating:

  • Once September kicks in, we are back to the city landscape!
  • Our rides are around Toronto's cool spots. Get your luminous gear stuff out!

Indoor skating:

  • As the season and year ends, skating will happen more frequently during the day and indoors.
  • This means some Saturday afternoons
Ice skating:
  • Will the Toronto Bladers be doing ice? 
  • Rumours say maybe. The prophecy says the ice age will come for the gliders
  • With less daylight, we will be having some Saturday afternoon sessions. Some will be indoors, some outdoors and some around the GTA. Skate parks included.
  • Consider carpooling with your skater friend if you do not drive or intend to decrease trip costs

 Social media:

  • In the past 2 months, we have been working on our social media pages to improve the content.
  • Please subscribe, follow and like to support us. YouTubeInstagramTwitter and Facebook.
  • As of now, all 2023 videos will be posted on YouTube during 2023.
  • Shorts: These videos will be out on a weekly basis during 2023

Dog attacks:

  • Some skaters have been attacked or fallen because of dogs and irresponsible dog owners.
  • If this happens to you, see this article

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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Light Up Toronto 2023 Ride the lightning and Halloween skate is here

This month's video

Luminous roll:

  • The TorontoBladers annual luminous roll is here
  • Skaters who registered with Luminous wheels will be invited.
  • If you acquired luminous wheels, let us know in the registration form.
  • This event is only for skaters that have inline luminous wheels.
  • No quads, no scooters, no bicycles and no skateboards
  • It was moved from September to October.
  • Join us for details and information(Toronto Bladers will be present.)

Halloween is here:

How to find out where to meet:

  • Check the email address you used to register
  • Activate and look for your Google calendar
  • See this.
Back to the city:
  • With fewer people on the trails, we are back in the city
  • City skating and urban skating sessions are planned to happen
If you have not skated with us at least one time in the past 6 months:
  • Evidence suggests that you do not exist, and your profile has been inactive.
  • Check the email address of the email you used to register. You were invited.

Playing with the registration form:

  • Consider the mutually exclusive options when selecting your preferences on the registration form.
  • If you selected contradictory options, your registration is void.
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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Toronto Roll 16.09.2023 (Bill Stoppard)

To all skaters who participated in the #TorontoRoll, your presence made it even better.

We had around 30 of our skaters in this event, and they rolled it awesomely. You made it possible, and you were part of a historical event!

Videos from the event are already being shared online. @canadabladers will relay them if you tag us with your media.
If you are a part of, please share it using the following hashtags.

#torontobladers #canadabladers @canadabladers
Also, please use the #TorontoRoll hashtag, which the event organizers have been using. This will facilitate us to collect and link everyone to be able to see the media.
For everyone else #TorontoRoll and @canadabladers is adequate.

We will post media from the event on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. All @canadabladers
Follow, subscribe and like to make it popular and known.

Next Toronto events in chronological order:

TorontoBladers Tuesday night social roll on the 26 at 7 p.m. Gus Ryder Pool meetup at 7 pm

TISC is having a speed skate event on the last weekend of September. This is not a event, and anyone interested should visit their official pages for more information.

Toronto Bladers are back in the city, and urban skate begins as the trails fade. Luminous stuff is appreciated to be visible at night due to traffic.

TorontoBladers annual luminous roll will be moved to the first weekend of October to let TISC roll well.  This event requires luminous wheels by default.

Please update your profile (re-register), notify Speedy if you have the contact or email if you are obtaining luminous to participate in the annual luminous or go here.

Non-luminous wheels should not be present. In addition to luminous wheels, anything that glows can be used.

Right now, we are aiming for the first week of October. The luminous route will use trails and city cycle lanes.
Meetup and route information will be sent to inline skaters with luminous wheels and those who were approached.
This is a social skate event, not a speed event or marathon.

Halloween: Halloween event is scheduled to happen at the end of October.
A costume, mask, etc., to match the theme.... something.
Luminous stuff is optional but useful and cool. This event will be city skating and social, not a speed or marathon.

Cold season:
We will be going indoors. Freestyle and free theme. Social vibe. 
Slalom and wizard setups will have the advantage. Unrust your dance moves.
We expect to be going to several cities too.
Registered skaters will be notified. Advised equipment will be on the invites.

Registration form:
The registration form will be upgraded to match new inline skaters' locations. We have expanded across Ontario and more.

We are now looking into Markham and Richmond Hill, as some known good skaters in these locations are looking for an inline network and do things like slalom and group skates. We know who you are, and we will reach out.

Some will be skating at these locations, and Kitchener has caught our attention, too.
All registered inline skaters will be notified of this change. It is expected to be active in January, but we are trying to implement it quickly before the next year.

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Friday, September 1, 2023

Montreal Cup and TorontoRoll

This month's video

This month's events:

Montreal Cup:

Toronto Roll:

Caught by the blader:

  • You will be featured on our social media if you are inline skating out there and are caught by the blader's dash cam. Follow us to see if you were caught, and help @tag those who are/were.
Youtube media:
As night falls earlier, we will start blinking at night:
  • Reflective vests for city skating are a good idea
  • Luminous wheels are a very excellent idea 
  • Flashing bracelets and helmets are very useful
  • Be visible at night!
Where are the details of an event?

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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Bladers day, Stats, Hamilton Bladers and next events

This Month's video

 Monthly news email:

  • To reduce emails, the monthly news is now phased out in favour of this blog.
  • The blog can be subscribed to as per user preferences, either by email or rss/atom feed.
We are in the middle of our season, and the most crucial event is here.

Annual event:
  • This Month is the Blader's Day
  • Bladers Day is a social, recreational and freestyle event but not a beginner's event.
  • Details will be sent by email to skaters who have demonstrated skill and equipment in our events in the past months and can keep up with the group.
  • When you are part of the event and see a camera recording, pull your best skating moves, skills, smiles, and swag and make everyone jealous for not being there.
Where are the events published?
  • All events that skaters are invited to are sent to their registration email and Google calendar
We made some name changes:
  • As of this Month, we will be known as Canada Bladers. 
  • We will maintain the Toronto Bladers name for events in Toronto.
  • We will keep the Hamilton Bladers for events around Hamilton.
  • We are branching out, and more news to come about this.
We added a new location:
  • Welcome to the Hamilton Bladers.
  • Organizer: Fred
  • If you are in Hamilton or the surrounding area, update your profile and let your fellow Bladers know.
  • Events will occur mainly in Hamilton, which includes 2 specific locations
  • Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the selected days
  • At the moment (and for a while), this is an experiment; initially, not all skaters will be participating.
Showing up without RSVP:
  • Skaters that plan to show up without RSVP will most likely be in the wrong place or attending a cancelled or modified event.
  • Events with low or below expected attendance are changed, and only skaters that RSVP are notified.
Track your skating: 
  • How fast were you going? How many calories are burnt? Distance? Heart rate? Pace?
  • How about a map of your route? Export and share with your friends outside social media?
  • All for free and not dependent on any platform, check out FitoTrack

Montreal 24 inline marathon:

Trolling the registration form:
The trolls arrived a few months ago and not respecting the registration form
  • Selecting all the options possible
  • Writing more than what is asked on the social media options
  • Coming up with weird Klingon names and or language
  • Changing the year of birth on every profile
  • Changing yourself on every profile created every month
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Saturday, July 1, 2023

New trails, exciting adventures and the wizards annual roll is up this month

 This month's video

To reduce the amount of emails sent, the registration form has been updated on section 3 and you can select which type of events you want to be notified of. You are encouraged to update your profile.

Strava stats: 
How accurate are they? Comparison and proof

Wizards annual roll: The Swivel council 
  • Last year's reel
  • The wizard roll aka swivel council is predicted to happen Sunday, July 30 in the afternoon, around the middle of Toronto
  • This event is ONLY for skaters with wizard type frames. Flat frames and attached brakes are not allowed. 
  • If you acquired a wizard skating frame (ie: endless, blade, iqon, wizard, NN, Rockin, etc since your registration, please update your profile to get the invitation.
  • If you no longer have a wizard type frame, please disregard this email and future wizard events and update your profile
Next annual event in August:
Groups to be notified for longer trails

Starting this month we will be adding new and longer trails and new locations around The GTA which are not along the lake landscape. Toronto's construction has locked many Toronto trails.

Those who have been skating with the group since the season opened, will be a priority for invitations due to the landscape to be skated.

We will also branch out to Etobicoke, Mississauga, Hamilton, Burlington, Pickering, Uxbridge, Alton, and Waterloo are on the list to be skated.
New gang: 
Top gun: Skaters that are into speed and long distance. 
Recruitment is done from solid Titans that have specific equipment and skill
(Avg speed 25~30~35 km/h & up to 100 km distance) ie: thisand this
Groups to be notified for other types of events:
  • Cone masters (slalom)
  • Swivel council (wizards)
  • Recreational and social (others)
Going to an event?
  • Did you know that you can calculate when you need to arrive at an event by using Google map event location and never get late?
  • Whether you drive, cycle, skate, take public transit or walk, now it is much easier to know when you have to leave to be at the meetup location.
  • When checking for the route, if you are going to skate to the location, plan the route by selecting the bicycle option and you will get the best route 
What type of event do you prefer?
The registration form was updated and you can select the type of events you are  interested in

Planning to skate the Welland Canal?

An opinion on wheels:

How wizard skating changed rollerblading

Want to skate with us? Register here

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Thursday, June 1, 2023

When is the next event? Annual event, questions, RSVP's, Slalom, locations and equipment

This month's video 

Speedy's first reel: (speed skaters wanted)

Blog news:
  • A blog is being prepared in order to reduce the amount of emails being sent.
  • Everyone will be able to subscribe to the blog as they see fit either by email and or rss/atom feeds
When is the next event?
  • All events and or cancellations are sent to your email address and posted on the google calendar of your account
  • Unblock our email address, free space on your inbox, check your email filters, check your spam filters
  • Details about the event are always sent in the event description. This includes hosts and or organizers and or marshals
Will you come to my location?
Slalom events:
  • Slalom skating events are being planned with a new and experienced skater.
  • If slalom interests you, please update your profile 
  • Skates with breaks attached are not allowed for the practice of slalom

The annual event this month is the Golden Wheels
  • Sunday, June 25 in the afternoon
  • Distance within 10 km total.
  • Some contemplated locations: Martin Goodman trail, Toronto Island
  • Details will be on event email notification and there will be a minimum number of attendees that will determine the event to happen.
  • If you know of a skater that is not a beginner and is 50 years old and or above, let them know about it
This event has a minimum attendance required in order to happen. 
Please RSVP as soon as possible with a YES or a NO only. RSVP closes 2h prior to meetup time.

Next Annual event in July
Why is an event cancelled?
When you RSVP to an event how do we address it:
Where are you going and where is that location?
  • Questions on social media asked about the location of an event will not be answered. 
  • Public advertisement of a specific location will attract, not just unprepared curious inline skaters but also scooters, cyclists, quad skaters and skateboarders which will increase unneeded traffic around our activity.
  • Anyone interested in knowing where we skate is encouraged to rsvp to Toronto Bladers calendar invitations sent to their registration and details will be given on the location
Equipment for sale
  • If you are a member of the Toronto Bladers and have inline skating equipment for sale, share the ad and send the link to Fred and we will do our best to let everyone know about it.
  • Please post your ad somewhere online with all the details about the equipment and send us the ad url.
Skating in Australia?
Luminous Night in Brazil:

Want to skate with us? Register here

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Monday, May 1, 2023

Talk to an organizer? Subgroups. Island skating. Going to an event

This month's video is here

The last Island skate is here

Going to an event on a scooter:
When is the next event?
Toronto Island fun:
We are planning some weekend summer sessions at Toronto Island and the if the host is available, these sessions are predicted to happen Sunday mornings but may also happen after 12 once a while for the following:
  • Social time
  • Island skate ~6 to 12km 
  • End on a beach, working out the tan under some fresh morning sun while drowning in vitamin D
  • Anyone wanting to go for a dive on the beach (without skates on), should bring attire for such and a beach towel.
  • Take some snacks and beverages. You can store everything on the island lockers near the beach. (toonies and loonies are needed)
  • Sessions will start early at 9 am or 8 am to avoid the crowds and we leave mid morning, mid day or when the individual decides to leave
  • Sessions may be divided by groups of skaters. (slalom, wizards, Olympians, athlantians, etc)
Slalom skaters get ready:
  • Rockered skates? Ready for slalom? Stay tuned for downtown events
  • Please note that skates with brakes attached are hazardous for slalom and are not advised for these events
Contact organizers:
Route or event suggestion? Session plan? Sharing ideas? Activities to do?
We appreciate members' interest in contacting organizers. Here are the 3 ways to do it:
Speedy is currently only available to host events

Want to suggest a location or skating route?
  • Please email your GPS (gpx, tcx) exported file from your app, with the proposed route to Fred
Upcoming events by group:
  • Starting May 2023 skaters will receive invitations that target a specific group or groups of skaters
  • Any skaters wanting to skate longer distances or with the Titans are advised to join us on a weekly basis to build performance up for the routes
Want to skate with us? Register here

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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Advertisement, contacts, early wizards? Whats going on?

This month's video

The annual event for wizards:
  • This year we are looking to change the date of the wizard skating from September to somewhere between May and July. 
  • This event requires wizard type frames. No flat frames and or frames with brakes attached are permitted.
  • Only skaters with rockered equipment will be participating.
  • Slalom banana rockered frames are being considered for the event.
  • This event will have a minimum attendance required.
  • If you made changes in your skating hardware (ie: got wizard type frames, slalom frames or got rid of them), please update your registration profile.

Dogs off-leash and illegal leashes: 
  • During 2020 and 2022 a few skaters got attacked while skating. Some fell, and some caught it on camera. 
  • This issue has now been happening at skateparks and ice/hockey rinks too, where dogs are left rooming around the area unattended.
  • Unleashed dogs as big as Great Danes have made moves toward skaters (caught on video)
  • The cause is always the same one. Dogs get excited and or triggered when they see wheels and launch themselves at the person passing by.
  • The law is clear:  City bylawsChapter 349 
  • Getting injured, and losing the ability to be able to work and personal life affected is serious.
  • Obtain information (record them and post online) about the owners and sue them for damages. Most will settle before the case goes to court. Make sure that the settlement covers all your expenses including punitive damages.
Posters, advertisements, to an event
We appreciate and support member's efforts to let new skaters know about our events, however, we do advise members to not specify the location of an event due to several reasons:
  • Conditions of the location may change at the last minute (permissions, closure, construction, etc)
  • Weather conditions may cancel the event or change its location
  • Organizer and or marshal cannot make it.
  • Public advertisement of a specific location will attract, not just unprepared curious inline skaters but also scooters, cyclists, quad skaters and skateboarders which will increase unneeded traffic around our activity.
We advise all publishing advertisements to point out to our website and or registration form.
Please see these QR scan codes. Share or print.

Events Published on which do not point to the registration form or our website, are not official, approved and or endorsed.

Want to skate with us? Register here

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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Season opens March 24

 March's video is online now

The 2023 schedule will be sent on the 15th of March. The skater registration form has been updated for 2023

  • We will no longer be using previous platforms such as meetup, kommunity, eventbrite, facebook and similar, to organize events.
  • If you have friends that do inline skate, feel free to forward them this email

For everyone's safety and preferences, we notify skaters to events and or groups as per their registration form as well as demonstrated skills and equipment backing up skating sessions.

  • A public calendar of events will be sent and published on the 15th
  • No guests for any event (including annuals). All skaters (friends included) must register their profiles.
  • For the safety of everyone, we reserve the right to send invites and notifications as we see fit in regard to skill and equipment. We skate distances not circles.
  • One monthly news email about the group activity is sent from November to March and others may be sent throughout the remaining year with event information.
  • Being part of the group is a privilege and not a demanded right and we like to keep it wholesome, respectful and without politics.
  • Unrealistic, untruthful, lies, trolling registration forms, (something not right) will obviously be discarded as they have been in the past.

New wiki Information 

Weekly events

  • Friday night skating events start after 6 pm.
  • Tuesday nights are back after 6 pm.
  • We have plans for an occasional Saturday morning session that may replace a Friday
  • More than one event per week may happen
  • If enough skaters join events we may have social skate sessions
  • More than one host may host events
  • Some events requiring minimum skater attendance that end up with less than the required attendance will be prone to cancellation 5 to 3 hours prior to the event. Participants will be notified by email only if you said that you will attend with a YES. (we don't make decisions on Maybe)
  • The season will start with rinks and sports track practice, as well as trails starting 2km in length and increasing distance on a weekly basis until mid-July up to 12~18km in order to build up performance and be fit for summer.
  • By mid-July the trail length will vary and sometimes will be up to 15 to 20km and in August up to 15 to 50km depending on the event. There will also be short distance events.
  • With less daylight, the September trail distance will decrease in the reverse order that started, we will skate in the city (not trails) and do a bit of urban skating as well as get back to the rinks, skate parks and sports tracks for freestyle practice.

Event organization

  • Skaters are responsible for their safety, punctuality, and equipment and should consult the event rules and guidelines to know what is expected and or needed.
  • Waiting for skaters is technically troublesome as it can delay the event by up to 1 hour. Anyone expecting to arrive late will have to find us and catch up

Skater: Speedy 

  • Has been inline skating since 2002.
  • This is the fifth year organizing events in the GTA.
  • Will not be available for individual chats and or emails.
  • 2023, could be the last year that Speedy will organize events.
  • The final decision is pending on how 2023 will go. A formal announcement will be published at the end of 2023.

Annual events 

  • 8 annual events are planned for the year. We expect at least 3 to 6 to happen.
  • Dates have been decided by admins due to the ineffectiveness of the skater voting polls during 2022
  • See for the type of events. 

Want to skate with us? Register here

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Rollerblading videos: Toronto Bladers, Rolling Tribes, Toronto Roll, Blading Cup

Canada Bladers will be posting videos of all these groups. Shorts can be seen here Playlists can be seen here General videos can be seen her...