Friday, March 1, 2024

2024 rollerblading season announcement

We skate weekly on Friday nights after 6 pm, Saturdays or Sundays.

Detailed season information is posted here

Check these video playlists to see what we do. Meetups are sent to the email address you used to register on this form and the Google Calendar associated with it and are made according to your equipment and capabilities.

We have a wiki that will answer all your questions. Yes, ALL.

Subscribing to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and blog news will keep you updated.

Registration and events are done outside meetup and facebook groups. This prevents spam, fake accounts and people who are not skaters from tampering with event organization or inflating reality. The form resets every year on January 1st


  • 3rd week of March to November.

  • Form-registered skaters will be sent a default number of invites, increasing as the skater increases their participation in events.

  • Invited skaters who do not participate in events will be considered inactive and removed from invite lists until they re-register.


Zero tolerance for any politics/activism. We are not quad skaters.

We exclusively do activities on inline skates. Any other expectations will be disappointing, such as but not limited to hookup/dating, etc.


  • Member's age start from 25 to 70 y/o

  • Your registered profile will place you in a group

  • Male groups, female groups and mixed (co-ed) groups


  • Skaters have different preferences; You will be invited according to your profile if it matches your skill and equipment.


  • Toronto, GTA, Hamilton, Burlington, London, Brantford, Markham, Niagara, Welland, Uxbridge, Waterloo, Kitchener, Montreal, etc. We go where the wheels take us.

  • Trails, city/urban skating, pump tracks, sports tracks, hockey rinks and a skate park once a blue moon

Annual events:




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