Wednesday, February 1, 2023

February news: Groups, events and social media

What were we up to in 2021? Best moments 

New group

A new group for skaters 50 years old and above was planned in 2022 and we now have enough skaters on it to make it roll. The group is called the Golden Wheels. Plans for an annual event are contemplated.

If you know anyone born 50 years ago or more and still skating, give them the registration link(No beginners. Skaters are expected to master how to stop safely and keep a steady pace of 10 to 15 km/h)

Types of events by group 

It is planned to have several types of events created for the following inline skating styles but we will play it by ear.

  • Distance on trails
  • Wizard events
  • Slalom events
  • Marathon events
  • City skate events
  • Freestyle


Planned to have a playlist with reviews of:

  • Equipment
  • Stores
  • Skating places

Skaters media share

  • A google drive share was created to allow skaters who record events to share their media. If you record events, your form registration email will be added to it.
  • Events, pictures and videos to be shared on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Follow us if you want to see them.
  • Fred will manage registrations and some aspects of social media.
  • QR codes to facilitate inviting someone to join in
  • Disclaimers about everything you need to know 


A logo was made in 2020 and there are plans for a logo and a shirt, hoodie or sweater printed. 

This however depends on the group members' interest. Members will receive a form survey for feedback.  

Group requirements to remain

  • Remain the same as in 2022. This includes but is not limited:
  • The skater registration form is paramount
  • Age 25 and up unless stated otherwise for specific events or per organizer/host
  • Inline skates only 80 mm and above except for 72mm ~ 76mm for slalom
  • The Eventbrite platform may be used to advertise some events but not to organize

Pictures and media

  • All media will be shared on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter after the events.
  • Follow the accounts to see the pictures.
  • Videos will be on youtube as soon as they are edited and ready to be posted.
  • The minimum default video recording settings will be 4K at 30 FPS (feel free to go above)
  • Media made by the organizer will be shared with the skater members via social media

Social media hashtags will be:

#toronto #torontobladers #torontoinline #inlineskating #rollerblading #goskate #freeskating #skate #tuesdaynightskate #tns #fridaynightskate  #fns

Want to skate with us? Register here

And do not forget to check this Q and A every time you have a question. It will save you time.

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