Monday, May 1, 2023

Talk to an organizer? Subgroups. Island skating. Going to an event

This month's video is here

The last Island skate is here

Going to an event on a scooter:
When is the next event?
Toronto Island fun:
We are planning some weekend summer sessions at Toronto Island and the if the host is available, these sessions are predicted to happen Sunday mornings but may also happen after 12 once a while for the following:
  • Social time
  • Island skate ~6 to 12km 
  • End on a beach, working out the tan under some fresh morning sun while drowning in vitamin D
  • Anyone wanting to go for a dive on the beach (without skates on), should bring attire for such and a beach towel.
  • Take some snacks and beverages. You can store everything on the island lockers near the beach. (toonies and loonies are needed)
  • Sessions will start early at 9 am or 8 am to avoid the crowds and we leave mid morning, mid day or when the individual decides to leave
  • Sessions may be divided by groups of skaters. (slalom, wizards, Olympians, athlantians, etc)
Slalom skaters get ready:
  • Rockered skates? Ready for slalom? Stay tuned for downtown events
  • Please note that skates with brakes attached are hazardous for slalom and are not advised for these events
Contact organizers:
Route or event suggestion? Session plan? Sharing ideas? Activities to do?
We appreciate members' interest in contacting organizers. Here are the 3 ways to do it:
Speedy is currently only available to host events

Want to suggest a location or skating route?
  • Please email your GPS (gpx, tcx) exported file from your app, with the proposed route to Fred
Upcoming events by group:
  • Starting May 2023 skaters will receive invitations that target a specific group or groups of skaters
  • Any skaters wanting to skate longer distances or with the Titans are advised to join us on a weekly basis to build performance up for the routes
Want to skate with us? Register here

And do not forget to check this Q and A every time you have a question. It will save you time.

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